The leather accessories I make for your motorcycle are unlike any other. Additionally, my mounting system does not require you to drill any holes in your bike and there is no visible mounting hardware. If you later decide to purchase a different bike, you may remove all of my accessories from your old bike, and leave no unsightly scars on the bike that would reduce its' resale value. You can ride comfortable in the knowledge that the materials used to make your leather accessories and accessory mounting system itself, are of the highest quality available. The material used in my mounting system is the best that money can buy. It is technologically superior to anything else available, and if something superior to it is developed, rest assured that I will upgrade my product. I offer you nothing less than the best.

All leather is not equal. Every Tannery is managed differently, and every country has different rules governing how leather is processed. I learned long ago that "cheap" always costs you more in the long run than the initial additional expense of buying "quality". I don't buy leather from the cheapest supplier; I buy from the best supplier. I don't buy the cheapest leather; I buy what I consider the best leather. Because of the harsh conditions your bike may be asked to endure, I use several different types of leather to make your bike's accessories. I also ride a motorcycle, and I too have taken wrong turns and ended up on gravel, dirt and mud roads. I've been caught in rain and hail storms, have been blasted by 70 mph wind gusts (I live on the coast of Oregon), and I have ridden across Wyoming at 100+ mph in 110+ degree heat. The leather accessories I make for your bike will stand up to the worst Mother Nature will throw at you.

With the exceptions of the large Drifter and Indian Mud Flaps, Front Fender Bra, the Tank Bib Pocket's flexible sides and closing flap, and any side lacing or fringe added to your accessories, the primary leather used is a 10 ounce (5/32" thick) Latigo. At 10 ounces, the leather I use for making my accessories is over twice as thick as nearly all of my competitors. I use a drum dyed Latigo (dyed completely through the leather), because drum dyed leather holds its' color the best. Latigo is an especially strong and durable leather that has been treated with special oils and waxes during the tanning process to produce a leather that is soft, supple and flexible, yet extremely strong; and, because of the types of waxes and oils used in the tanning process, it sheds water and holds up well to the weather.

I use a 12 ounce (3/16" thick) Saddle Harness Leather for the large Drifter and Indian Mud Flaps, because of the large surface area exposed to wind. Harness Leather is a thicker, firmer, more rigid leather than Latigo; and, as it ages, Harness Leather becomes even stiffer and less flexible. One of my customers who rides a Kawasaki Drifter told me of a trip across the Texas Panhandle at 70 mph in an 80 mph cross wind. According to him, the flaps I made for him were "completely unaffected by the very strong cross winds and performed beautifully." Like Latigo, Saddle Harness Leather has been treated with oils and waxes to add to its' strength and durability, but different types of oils and waxes than those used to process Latigo.

A 6 ounce (3/32" thick) Chrome Oil Tanned Leather is used for portions of the pocket flap on my Tank Bib and for lacing the edges of some of my products. It has just the right amount of oil for a soft, supple feel and its' high oil content and ability to flex repeatedly over a long period of time without drying out, cracking or checking make it ideal for use in these areas.

The sides of the pocket on my Tank Bib are made from a very soft, durable, flexible, beautifully textured 3 ounce (3/64" thick) Garment Grade Leather. This leather is light but strong, firm but not rigid; and, its' thickness allows the pocket to collapse down on itself and lay flat without looking bulky.

Most of my motorcycle accessories are attached to your bike with genuine Velcro USA, Hook and loop products. The product I use only looks like the hook and loop products that you may have used in the past. The hook and loop that I use was designed for use under extreme conditions. In fact, the type I use was originally designed for use by The Aerospace Industry and NASA. I have matched the motorcycle accessory mounting angle, with the ideal hook and loop type for that angle, to give your accessory its' greatest holding power. The hook strip I use is 100% polyester. It will not creep or shrink with age. The adhesive used on the hook strip is a true "state of the art" adhesive that will NOT harm modern clearcoat paint finishes, and when combined with the polyester backing on the hook strip, results in an attachment that is completely waterproof. It has superior hold under wet conditions. The adhesive strength actually increases after exposure to moisture. It has an operating temperature range of - 70 to +350 degrees Fahrenheit, and has an average vertical shear strength of 15.45 pounds per square inch. The hook strip's matching loop strip is constructed of nylon and has been sewn on to the accessory using heavy duty nylon thread. The cycle life of the hook and loop combination that I use is rated at 500 openings and closures before its' holding strength is significantly diminished. Once properly mounted, your accessories will not be coming off unless you take them off.

All metal hardware used on your accessories (spots/ studs/ concho/ closures and fasteners) are either Stainless Steel, Chrome-plated Brass or Nickel-plated Brass to ensure that rust will never be a problem.

If you take care of the accessories I make for your bike, they will always look great and be there to protect your bike. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at TAOSBURGER@CHARTER.NET

Sincerely, Frank




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