Mud Flaps

Currently available for the following motorcycles:

Indian: Chief, Roadmaster
Kawasaki: All Cruisers

Harley Davidson: All

Honda: Valkyrie,VTX, Shadow ACE and Aero
Suzuki: Send E-mail inquiry
Yamaha: V-Star & Road Star
My Mud Flaps are designed with two goals in mind: Protect your bike, and make your bike look better with them than it did without them. My "Standard" size mud flaps are cut from a single 5/32" thick (10-ounce) piece of Premium Latigo leather, specially tanned and treated to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. My "Large" Drifter and Indian mud flaps are cut from a single 7/32" thick (14 ounce) piece of Saddle Harness Leather. The thinnest piece of leather that I use is more than twice as thick as the leather used by the majority of my competitors. So that rust will never be a problem, I use Chrome-plated Brass spots/studs and polished Stainless Steel Conchos. Plus, you get the added advantage of my exclusive "no drilling" mounting system. Why put holes in your fenders? Sure, if you want to bolt them on you can, but why would you if you didn't have to. With my mounting system you now have a choice.

For all orders I must have: Year, Make and Model of motorcycle.

Kawasaki 800/1500 Drifter

Product# F019L

M.S.R.P. Per Set: $154.00

As Shown

Options: Round Spots and/or Concho. See below for pricing.

Kawasaki Nomad

Product # F019XS
M.S.R.P. Per Set: $130.00 As Shown
Spots and Extra Long Fringe

Product# F019S M.S.R.P. Per Set: $105.00 As Show

Kawasaki 800/1500 With Spots and 1" Leather Fringe.

Product# F021L M.S.R.P. Per Set: $153.00 As Show

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