Rear Fender Bib

Currently available for all Cruisers

The Rear Fender Bib can be custom ordered in any width and length at this price for any width up to 6" and any length up to 20". Longer widths and lengths can be ordered by contacting me at Fender Bib may be ordered with or without 1/4" Side-lacing, Concho with Bloodknot and/or Chrome-plated Brass Spots/Studs. Underside of Fender Bib is felt lined to protect your bike's finish.

Custom Rear Fender Bib for Yamaha Road Warrior with solo seat.

Product# - Special order request only!

Kawasaki 1500 Mean Streak Rear Fender Bib

Product# RFB08

M.S.R.P. $98.00 As Shown

Kawasaki 800 and 1500 Drifter Rear Fender Bib

Product# RFB04

M.S.R.P. $80.00 As Shown

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